D-Cyphered : Portraits by Jenny Risher

D-Cyphered : Portraits by Jenny Risher

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"D-Cyphered : Portraits by Jenny Risher " by Jenny Risher

In 1972 Berry Gordy moved Motown Records from Detroit to sunny Los Angeles.  The move temporarily dampened the dreams of many aspiring local music artists. As the 1970s came to a close, R&B and disco had been replaced with Hip-Hop (founded in New York) as the musical voice of the youth.  Young Detroiters began carving out their Hip-Hop presence by rapping in basements, record stores, and talent shows. They formed independently owned record labels, built their own studios, and released some of the best Hip-Hop music ever recorded.  D-CYPHERED celebrates Detroit musical artists who have impacted the Hip-Hop scene in Detroit and beyond.

  - Kahn Santori Davison

Scattered throughout the pages are Author's favorites notations, tips on parking, and mention of long running specials.

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