Forgotten Landmarks of Detroit

Forgotten Landmarks of Detroit

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"Forgotten Landmarks of Detroit" by Dan Austin

The Motor City. The City of the Strait, The Arsenal of Democracy. Detroit is the city that put the world on wheels. Once the fourth largest city in the country, its streets were filled with bustling crowds and lined with breathtaking landmarks. 

Over the years, many of Detroit's most beautiful buildings - packed with marble, ornate metalwork, painted ceilings, glitz and glamour - have been reduced to dust. From the hallowed halls of Old City Hall to the floating majesty of steamships to the birthplace of the automotive industry, Dan Austin, recaptures stories and memories of a forgotten Detroit, giving readers a glimpse of the most stunning buildings this city has ever known. 

Paperback 264 pages
Publisher: The History Press
Size: 7.5 x 9 x 0.5

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