How to Live in Detroit without being a Jackass, Volume 1

How to Live in Detroit without being a Jackass, Volume 1

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"How to Live in Detroit without being a Jackass" by Aaron Foley

Are you moving to Detroit because your rent is too high? Did you read somewhere that the only thing you needed to buy a house was the change in your couch cushions? Are you totally terrified about living in one of the most crime-plagued cities in the United States? Welcome to Detroit, and welcome to your social guidebook for all of you coastal transplants, wary suburbanites, unwitting gentrifiers, curious onlookers, die-hard natives and everyone in between. With advice on everything from buying and rehabbing to house to not sounding like a completely uninformed racist when you talk to a black person, let us help you avoid falling into the jackass trap and become the productive, healthy Detroiter you've always wanted to be. 

Table of Contents

Seven Rules for Living in Detroit: Or How Not To Be A Dumbass The Moment You Get Here
The Quick and Dirty Tour 
Difficult Questions About Detroit With Simple Answers 
How Not To Offend People When Talking About Detroit 
How You Should Be Talking About Detroit 
How To Be White In Detroit 
How To Make Peace With The Suburbs
How To Drive In Detroit
How To Party Like A Detroiter 
How To Deal With The Men In This Town 
How To Raise A Detroit Kid
How To Do Business In Detroit How To House-Hunt In Detroit
How To Renovate A Detroit House Without Being A Jackass 
How Not To Be A Jealous Jackass 
How To Take In Detroit Media 
How To Be Gay In Detroit 
How To Be A Detroit Hipster 
How To Be Black In Detroit

  • Publisher: Belt Publishing
  • Paperback : 240 pages

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